CC 7 Quick Takes #1

Linking up for “Seven Quick Takes” with Kelly while Jen is out conquering the world…

1. I can hardly wait for this weekend. I’ve been wearing my old back-up pair of glasses for about three weeks now, ever since my son broke my current pair. Plus I’m out of contacts. Tomorrow is the glorious day when I get to pick up a new pair of glasses AND new contacts. Hopefully they’ll all be rose-colored.

2. Blog Spotlight: I’m an alum of Notre Dame (Joke: How can you identify an ND grad within 5 minutes of meeting them? … Just wait, they’ll tell you), so I’m going to point you towards to of my favorite blogs by other Irish alumnae: Katrina at Cedars and Tiny Flowers, and Meg at Held by His Pierced Hands.  Katrina and her boys are so cute and friendly, and her pictures always make me Domesick. She makes me want to move back to South Bend so we can be besties. Then there’s Meg’s blog, which always gives me so much to think about; her devotion and confidence in God are so inspiring. Her story is incredible. Go check ’em out.

3. It snowed here last night. It’s only mid-November! Oh wait–you don’t know where I live. Welp, time to out that little piece of info. I live near Philadelphia–we aren’t supposed to get snow until next month. All the weathermen promised that the Polar Vortex thing was so last year… I’m skeptical.

4. This article is a fabulous look at marriages portrayed in the arts, and how TV shows and movies can have a really profound effect on social attitudes.

For those of us who are married, we need to give ourselves permission to live transparently before our neighbors, letting them witness our marriage’s imperfections and tensions, as well as the moments of grace when God rescues us from our worst selves. We ought also to support those whose marriages are breaking or broken.

As always, we should seek every opportunity to lay down our lives to serve our neighbors, gay or straight or otherwise, offering them the hospitality of Christ in witness to the fatherly love of God. Nothing good will come of holding onto stereotypes. Our neighbors are not our enemies. They are men and women made in the image of God and beloved by him. To them we owe the same kind of humble love that Christ has shown us.

In the end, faithful artistry together with faithful living may well enable our neighbors to imagine life not “just as it is” but as the triune God would have it.

Read it all.

5. Related to the previous take: who can tell me how I can make those block quotes appear in a smaller font size? They’re HUGE! I don’t see an easy adjustment option in WordPress here. (Blog noob alert!)

6. It is pie season. In case you’re wondering, this is THE BEST pumpkin pie recipe, and Smitten Kitchen’s pie crust recipe and tutorial have never let me down.

7. I just want to say that I am really glad to be blogging here. I hope you enjoy reading–and please, let me know your thoughts! It is a fact universally acknowledged that a young woman in possession of a new blog, must be in want of comments and validation. Gimme.

(No seriously, though–this writing project feels GOOD. Come, Holy Spirit, and keep my fingers from typing anything too wrong. I’m grateful for this opportunity!)


2 thoughts on “CC 7 Quick Takes #1

  1. The excitement of getting new glasses is just incomparable, as far as I’m concerned. I don’t wear contacts anymore since I’ve had Lasik twice and the second time (TWO YEARS after the first) all the doc had to do was lift up my corneas – they don’t ever heal after being cut. How gross is that, to think that you could pull your cornea off while taking out your contacts?? Anyway, since I’ve had glasses since age seven new glasses mean a totally new look for me every time, and it’s pretty stinkin’ exciting! Well, except for this last time when I had to get my first pair of bifocals and the sweet man at the store made me pass all sorts of “walking up and down stairs” types of tests before he’d let me leave and drive back to work. Since I’m a klutz without bifocals I thought for a while I’d be spending the whole day there! Enjoy your new look!!


    1. Haha, that’s too funny! Tests to walk up and down stairs?! I have never heard of anything like that! That guy was just trying to get you to stick around longer so he could talk to you.

      And thanks! I am definitely excited. Having to wear an old pair for so long was a little embarrassing–like moving backwards in time temporarily! These thin frames aren’t so stylish anymore…


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