Taking a Breather

Whew. I am working on the next “Cozy Catholic CCD” post, and it. is. wearing. me. out.

There are some big, deep, beautiful ideas in this here Church, but it takes some serious energy to condense them sensibly into ordinary language without watering them down too much. Send up some prayers for energy and perseverance for me, guys. I’m still early in this blogging game, and I want to have some meaty content that hopefully will inform and inspire… but I don’t think the devil likes it.

So I’ll keep plugging, but let’s take a little break today.

Want to hear about my delightful little boy? OF COURSE YOU DO, HE’S DELIGHTFUL!

This is Alex. (Well, this is an old picture of Alex.)


Ahhhhh, sweet baby eating Mama’s spinach and goat cheese pizza. Alex loves eating all food, any food, especially YOUR food, right now, please. Now, please. NOW, PLEASE! Thank you.

Alex these days is 17 months old.

He only started walking about a month ago, so he’s still a little unsteady. He prefers to hold your hand while he walks, but not because he needs the support–just because he wants you to come along.

This morning when I dropped him off at the sitter’s house to go to work, he waved (as usual) and pronounced distinctly (for the first time), “Bye bye,” and I almost lost it. I hate leaving him… most mornings. (Let’s be honest, some mornings’ diapers make it a little easier to put someone else in charge for a few hours.)

Alex is growing up in our family, which means he is doomed to certain nerddom.


See? It’s inevitable.

But don’t make fun of him–


He won’t like it.


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