7 Quick Takes Friday – In Which I Should Be Sleeping

– 1 –

Pregnancy insomnia + a middle-of-the-night upset stomach that had me lying on the bathroom floor with my beloved Snoogle for an hour + a poorly sleeping toddler with gas pains of his own (what did we eat?!) = NOT a great night of sleep. Just call me your humble blogging zombie.

On the upside, having Official Fitbit Tracking of my poor sleep makes me feel totally validated in my stupor. “See, boss lady? It’s not my fault I can’t get any work done! I HAVE DATA. You should be impressed that I’m not asleep on my feet or drooling on you right now!”

 – 2 –

As you may have heard once or twice, Pope Francis will be in Philadelphia at the end of September for the closing events of the World Meeting of Families, which is like the family version of World Youth Day. We have some good friends from Notre Dame coming to stay at our house in the Philly suburbs for the week, which will mean that our house will suddenly contain two moms, two dads, and FIVE little boys ranging from approximately 3 weeks old to four years old. It will be a veritable explosion of running and yelling and dirt. I am tired and terrified just thinking about it. And I can’t wait.

– 3 –

Because a newborn, houseguests, the Pope, and all our other commitments aren’t enough for September, I miiiiight also be hosting an extra-special “Blessed Brunch” for Blessed Is She during the World Meeting. We’ll see if it works out. Why am I doing this to our family? It’s too much. Any normal person or army drill sergeant would agree that it’s too much. (Have I mentioned that we will have a 3-week-old, give or take? And that my husband will be back to working full time? And that he is starting an online masters program this fall? Yeah.)

Pregnancy nesting hormones have driven me insane.

– 4 –

On to smarter people than I. Like Kendra at Catholic All Year. I loved this piece about discussing NFP without giving offense.

– 5 –

Have you gotten into Catholic podcasts? I can’t get enough of them lately. My daily commute to and from work is about 45 minutes each way, and I am beyond burned out on listening to news/politics on NPR or non-stop commercials on the music stations. But uplifting, funny, smart Catholic ladies? That I can handle. My favorite one right now isn’t even actually a podcast, it’s a radio show: The Visitation Project.

– 6 –

As for “real” podcasts, Haley and Christy at Fountains of Carrots are always good. I loved one of their first episodes (#002) with Jenny Uebbing, and their more recent hilarious chat with Dwija Borobian (#023). The Little House Mothering podcast is also really great (and hosted by two Notre Dame alums!), and I am just starting to check out the Building Bridges podcast. Got any other recommendations for me?

– 7 –

2015-07-22 10.20.02

34 weeks. The only bump shot I’ve taken this whoooole pregnancy… so I better save it for posterity. Good thing it’s so glamorous! (Har dee har.)

Have a fabulous weekend! I’ma go take a nap.


4 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday – In Which I Should Be Sleeping

  1. Amen to the Catholic podcast addiction! It’s like my own (one-sided) social hour. I was excited to click over here from the 7QT linkup and find Notre Dame references (class of 2011 here). I hope you get some good sleep soon!


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