7QT – In Which I am in Late Pregnancy for the Second Time


It’s time for another edition of 7 Quick Takes! Let’s get right to it.

Our theme this week: What’s different about pregnancy this time around?

– 1 –

Last pregnancy, I wanted acidic, vinegar-y, spicy foods the whole time. Chipotle burritos ALWAYS sounded good. (To be fair, that statement is true… all the time. Not just during pregnancy.)

This time around, I can’t get enough fruit. Is it a fantastic year for peaches, or does this baby just have a craving? I literally have probably eaten 20 peaches in the last few weeks. One time I had four in one day. So delicious. Gimme gimme.

– 7 –

Last pregnancy, I read lots of books about labor and breastfeeding and whatnot, and felt very prepared by the end. I had my birth plan, my bag packed, blah blah blah.

This time, I have hardly thought about labor preparation, despite the fact that I’m hoping to deliver naturally again. And I do not have a bag packed. Or one for Alex, who will likely be spending a night with his grandparents. But I’m only 36.5 weeks preg… plenty of time left, right? No? Hmm.

– 3 –

Last pregnancy, I got to rest a lot more. Not having any kids yet lets you do that.

This time around… well, not so much. There’s a lot more to do with a toddler underfoot.

On the other hand, my awesome husband is such a wonderful partner that he picks up a LOT of the housework and cooking so that I CAN rest when Alex lets me or after bedtime. So here’s a shoutout to all the great dads out there who work hard so their wives can sit back and grow babies in semi-comfort on the couch with their feet up. You rock.

– 4 –

Last time around, I definitely felt the effects of “pregnancy brain.”

Then it turned into “mommy brain.”

(Which, to be clear, is NOT a case of getting dumber—just a case of having too much to remember all the time, and so some things fall out the back of your mind. Oops.)


What was I saying again?

Oh, right. This pregnancy, my brain has never returned to its previous high-functioning state, so I mostly just feel normal. Normally forgetful.  Which is… good, I guess?

– 5 –

Last pregnancy, I got a few stretchmarks. I could hardly see them before Alex was born, but after my belly shrank a little bit and the skin got less taut, they showed up clearer.

This time around, my belly looks like a world atlas. There are lines EVERYWHERE. I don’t even want to think about what it’s going to look like after Baby Boy #2 makes his grand arrival. Who’s got a miracle cure? I’ll try anything, including snake oil if that’s what you’re selling.

– 6 –

Last pregnancy, I had time in the evenings to do some sort of exercise fairly frequently—either prenatal yoga or Summer Sanders’ super DVD. I felt pretty good.

This time around, after working all day and then dinner and bedtime with Alex, I rarely have the time or energy to get back up and work out. So I haven’t. And I’ve felt a LOT stiffer. So hit me up with your favorite FAST but effective exercise options, especially things that are doable in a living room.

– 7 –

Last pregnancy, I felt plenty of normal movement, but it never reached the point of direct pain.

This baby seems to like to straighten his legs a lot or something. Maybe he has really pointy knees? All I know is, it feels like my belly is bruised from the inside. Like he’s sticking his feet as far out as possible (chillin’ out maxin’ relaxin’ all cool), to the extent my poor stretched muscles and ligaments will allow. OY, KID. Maybe he’s very tall. Maybe he’s just a lounger who likes to stretch out.

That’s probably why I’ve got all these stretch marks!


Thanks to Kelly for hosting! Have a great weekend, everybody!


2 thoughts on “7QT – In Which I am in Late Pregnancy for the Second Time

  1. It is funny how different pregnancies can be. When I was pregnant with my third I was so uncomfortable I wanted her to be born so I could sleep at night; contrast that to my sleep-deprived state the first couple of months after my first was born. Of course I would wake up to nurse him; with the third, I pulled her into my bed and went back to sleep with her attached.


    1. Yes! I initially woke to nurse our first, too, and then after a few incidents of accidentally falling asleep nursing, we switched to purposefully cosleeping and were MUCH happier. You gotta find what works!


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