Triviality with a Side of Suffering

Linking up with Kelly once again!


Time for triviality… and then some suffering.


 – 1 –

A scene from my marriage:


Husband (admiringly, as I changed into my pajamas at 37 weeks): Man, you are alllll belly.

Me  (thinking of thighs and hips and other things that have also expanded to unprecedented sizes): Well—

Husband (intuiting, interrupting): I don’t want to hear any of your bullsh*t.


❤ ❤ ❤

He’s the best.

(I never thought hearing that particular sentence would give me the swoony eyes and a self-esteem boost. Life is weird.)


– 2 –

Surprises in the life of a working mom: Last weekend, I discovered that at some point in his childcare career, my son has learned to say “cheese” and smile for a camera.

2015-08-16 08.19.35

When did this happen? Who taught him? Have I been oblivious to this skill for months? Maybe.  Have I been missing out on cute picture opportunities, thinking he wouldn’t sit still and smile? Definitely.

I’ll console myself with the thought that as a firstborn, we’ll still end up with more pictures of him than all future children.


– 3 –

Donald Trump is an embarrassment. Josh Groban, however, is a treasure.


– 4 –

I’m 38 weeks pregnant, and it is 90 degrees with 80% humidity.



*Goes to change clothes, which have become sweat-soaked after 15 minutes of sitting perfectly still.*

(Please say a prayer for my husband, who has to listen to my whining on this subject on a daily—if not hourly—basis.)


– 5 –

Okay, getting a little less trivial for a minute.

One of the cool things about Catholicism is its deep, deep relationship with suffering. Growing up as a not-very-well-catechized Catholic, I didn’t realize this for a long time. My house did not know the phrase, “Offer it up.” But now I do!

Basically, we believe that by mindfully embracing suffering and offering it through prayer to God, we can unite our pain with Jesus’ on the cross. Just as his suffering was transformed and glorified for the redemption of humanity, our suffering can be used by God to bring about good.

We can offer up our earthly trials to help speed along some souls in Purgatory, or for the intentions of our loved ones, or for anything. God is uniquely capable of bringing good out of bad situations—it’s a part of his power as Creator. So when we offer up our bad situations to Him, He can put them to use and turn them into good things.

It doesn’t lessen the suffering, necessarily, but at least it can make the suffering FOR something, instead of just pain for nothing.

Which is pretty cool.


– 6 –

You know what includes plenty of good, meaty suffering?

Labor without drugs. Just the way I like it.

(If “like” is the right word for, “prefer above being strapped to a bed without feeling, even though it hurts quite a bit towards the end there.”)


– 7 –

So those last two points were just the build-up to say: got any intentions you’d like me to remember while I’m laboring? This baby is officially full-term, which means it could happen any time in the next few weeks. I’ve got some intentions of my own, but I’d be happy to include any of yours on my list!

Feel free to leave a comment with as much or as little detail as you’d like. Even an anonymous comment for “a personal intention” counts. (God knows who you are and what you need, so it’s okay if I don’t.) Or you can shoot me an email if you’d prefer: littlefiatblog at gmail dot com.


Have a wonderful week!


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