Seven Quick Takes: In Which I Plan to Ramble

Linking up with Kelly because nothing says, “back on the wagon” like two posts in two days after nearly a month’s silence.


Also, I’m composing this on my phone with a sleep-nursing baby on my lap. Autocorrect errors are practically guaranteed. I’ll try to fix them all, of course, but PLEASE comment if you spot one I missed.

Buckle up, y’all.

(I lived in Texas for three years as a kid which comes with a lifetime pass to use “y’all.” But look at all this random rambling I’m wasting before I even get into the takes!)

– 1 –

Tommy continues to be adorable and a pretty easy baby.


Thank God for you, Tommy.
He was at the fiftieth percentile for weight at his one-month checkup, which is such a relief to this mama. His older brother Alex spent his early months in the first five percentiles! Looking back at those days, I carried around a lot of anxiety about Alex’s small size.

– 2 –
I am feeling a pull to start praying intentionally for a saint friend. Like many people, I think, I have a few saints that I find interesting or admirable, but I tend to think of them as historical figures, not as heavenly people who care about current earthly things and who could still want to establish a deeper relationship with me. So I’ll pray about it.
Hopefully God will make it clear if there is a specific saint who wants to pray for me. Picking one out for myself feels a little like forcing my friendship on someone who may or may not be interested… But no, now that I type that out, it is complete nonsense since the saints have been perfected in love in heaven. But still, maybe there is a saint best suited to intercede for me. So I’ll still pray about it.

– 3 –

I could quote must of the movie Cars from memory at this point. If that makes me a bad parent, then a bad parent I am. C’est la vie. Alex wants to watch it endlessly, and at six in the morning, I am not up to perfect parenting yet. It originally was near the bottom of my list of preferred Pixar movies, but it’s really grown on me. I think I have Stockholm Syndrome.

– 4 –
Writing this on my phone is presenting some weird formatting options. I have no idea how this is going to show up. Blogging n00b!

– 5 –
Here’s a picture of a lion from the zoo this week.


It came right up to the glass. Really cool.
The zoo has been a total lifesaver. We got a family membership for the year back in the spring, and now that I’m home with both boys by myself, we really depend on it as a way to get out of the house other than walking around the neighborhood. The baby gets worn in a wrap on my chest, Alex rides in a lightweight stroller or walks, and all our gear goes in a backpack. I’ve actually gotten compliments from the zoo staff about my expert setup. And since we have the membership, individual trips cost nothing at this point as long as I bring our own snacks… Unless we splurge on a train ride.


Because someone loooooves the kiddie train.

– 6 –
Hmmm. I’m running low on things to ramble about. Did you see this great article on why we don’t have a more pro-life culture?

– 7 –
I’m tapped out. Have a lovely weekend!


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