Seven Quick Takes: In Which I Offer No Explanation

Linking up with Kelly once again!


And this week’s theme is pretty straightforward: seven takes on various situations and issues, offered with no (okay, little) explanation. Because they’re quick. But I’m still a blogger and can’t shut up when there’s a keyboard available.

Off we go!

 – 1 –

My older (2-year-old) son appears to be running on a 23-hour day, which means we wake up an hour earlier every day. Today started at 3:45 am. And he was chipper and cheery as all get out. My take: coffee coffee coffee and HOW DO WE FIX THIS?!

– 2 –

Does everyone hate politics this year as much as I do? Every candidate on every side is incredibly frustrating. My take: it’s time for another reset of the two party system. Every once in a while over the course of our country, a new party has formed and shifted the political landscape. That’s the only thing I can see that could get us out of this horrible mess.

– 3 –

Here’s a tip for social media users: if the only thing you do on Facebook is share other people’s political memes, you should not. use. Facebook.

– 4 –

This story about a woman suing a hospital because of a traumatic birth where nurses physically prevented the baby’s head from coming out while they forced the mom to turn over onto her back instead of in a physiologically normal position on her hands and knees, is horrifying. Anybody who’s pregnant should check out evidence-based birth and make sure your care providers are on board. It’s a travesty that America’s infant and maternal mortality rates are lower than dozens and dozens of other countries, and it’s all because we over-medicalize birth, thinking that will be safer… but it’s not.

– 5 –

Thanksgiving is almost here! In case you’re wondering, this is THE BEST pie crust recipe. So delicious, so flaky. And here’s a tutorial on rolling it out. Hooray for Smitten Kitchen! And this pumpkin pie recipe never lets me down. People have actually told me that they thought they didn’t like pumpkin pie, but they like *this* one. Ooooooh, yeah. Get in mah belly.

– 6 –

Also for Thanksgiving: you know what’s better than store-bought, super easy, and can be made ahead of time? Orange-zested cranberry sauce. DO IT.

– 7 –

Some other links you should check out:

Ideas from David Mills at Aleteia on how to help young families embrace the Church’s teachings on NFP, especially if/when it is a burden. Featuring Calah Alexander and Bonnie Engstrom!

A beautiful letter from a young Parisian Catholic to the recent attackers.

Simcha Fisher’s advice on a simple and manageable Advent (from last year–still so good!)

And a recent post from Simcha on Caitlyn Jenner’s comment that the hardest part of being a woman is choosing what to wear. Sigh.

Kendra at Catholic All Year takes on a controversial issue: girls as altar servers. Her daughters are not.

Another post from Aleteia – a great post on communication in marriage, that is a good reminder even for those of us in good marriages.

– 8 –

And a bonus take: Friday Night Lights is the best television show ever. It’s just a fact. Accept it or be wrong.


Have a great weekend!


4 thoughts on “Seven Quick Takes: In Which I Offer No Explanation

  1. I absolutely hate politics this year. I don’t like any of the candidates for either party, and I feel like it’s all about “winning” rather than realistic campaigning. UGH.

    Also, I will have to check out that pie crust recipe! I still remember your mom teaching us how to make it back in high school after we picked a ton of apples. The one and only time I attempted crust from scratch, as I have horrible luck with pastry dough.


    1. The Smitten Kitchen post does a really nice job of telling you exactly how to make the crust dough, so I’ve had really good luck with it. And wow, I remember that day we made apple pie! Didn’t we pick the apples from trees in Jon Gardner’s yard or something? Crazy how long ago that was now!


  2. About #2: sounds like you need to go to youtube and search for “Bad Lip Reading Democratic Debate/Republican Debate.” In my opinion they didn’t do as good a job with the Republican one, but they are both funny in their own ways, especially if you’re sick of politics.


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