7QT: In Which Thanks Are Given

Friday again! Which means it’s time for a list of seven.


A day late and a dollar short, but… 7 Things I’m Thankful For.

Or Seven Things for Which I Am Thankful?



– 1 –

Matt’s gainful employment, which is juuuust enough for us to let go of MY gainful employment. Dolla dolla bills, y’all. Even when trying to fight the urges of consumerism and learn to trust in God’s plans a little more, we still gotta pay the rent. Unfortunately. But I have a very hardworking, smart, practical husband, so he’s basically every employer’s dream. (And every wife’s. Swoony eyes.) Still: Thanks, Matt’s boss! Thank you, Lord, for Matt’s job!

  • 2 –

Living in a neighborhood where we can walk to church, or walk around town and see parks and a lake and some shops. It’s a “healthy lifestyle!!!11!1,” which is good, but mostly I’m thankful for our walking ability because I HATE CARSEATS. If I have a choice between getting the boys in the car or in the stroller and a baby carrier, we’re walking every time. So thanks, our town! Thank you, Heavenly Father, for our town!

  • 3 –

Our king sized bed. I maintain it was the best parenting purchase we have ever made. Room for mom, dad, nursing baby, and sometimes a snuggly toddler. The more the merrier, and the… kickier? (Matt’s bruised body is somewhat less thankful for our big bed, which allows room for so many violent wrigglers.) Thanks, bed! Thank you, God, for our bed!

2015-11-24 16.20.01
Watching some Veggie Tales on the bed. Ohhhh, yeahhh.
  • 4 –

The feeling of resting my cheek on the head of a sleeping baby on my shoulder. So love. Much cuddles. Sniff, sniff… these days are short and precious. (Am I sentimental due to wine, or the enchanting scent of baby head? It’s impossible to know. They are equally intoxicating.)

Thank you, most generous Lord, for adorable babies!

2015-11-26 09.08.56

  • 5 –

I’m very, very thankful for God’s patience. Because sometimes it takes me a long time to learn the very obvious lessons he sets before me… but he’s a gentle, loving God, and doesn’t mind that I can be a stubborn, willfully blind dummy.

Thanks, God. You rock.

  • 6 –

YOU, being here, reading this. This little corner of the web is such a help to me, letting me process my thoughts and feel not quite so lonely sometimes. I am so, so grateful to each one of you who takes the time to check in here.  (And please feel free to say hi in the comments! I’d love to know who you are and what you’re up to!) Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

  • 7 –

Butter. Because Thanksgiving. Enough said.

(I love you, butter! Thank you cows, thank you farmers, thank you God for cows and farmers and supermarkets!)

That’s a wrap. Have a wonderful weekend full of delicious leftovers and invigorating activities to keep the food comas at bay!

Thank Yous



5 thoughts on “7QT: In Which Thanks Are Given

  1. Thankful for butter! That’s awesome, and yes king size beds are the best but still just barely big enough! Poor husbands, they often end up on three square inches of bed no matter what size of bed it is


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