7 Quick Takes

Here we go again! Linking up with Kelly, and I have no theme planned whatsoever!


– 1 –

Now that Thanksgiving is over, it’s time to start planning for next year. I look forward to experimenting with these two stuffing recipes sometime before next year. Just reading them makes me drool.

Some other recipes I plan to try soon: this fudge (for Christmas gifts, hopefully?), this easy-looking homemade bread recipe, and the first two (of a continuing series!) cocktail recipes that The Provision Room has posted for Advent!

– 2 –

Here’s a long, beautiful read for when you have a little free time. It’s the story of a mother and son, who found their lives turned around when the son, an all-American high school kid in the 70s, was paralyzed in a football game. It’s really touching: a story of difficult, devoted service, provided unquestioningly out of total love. Turning her son several times a day so he didn’t get bedsores, and wiping his bottom like a baby. And what does the mother say after decades like this, when he apologizes for the difficulty of her life? “Johnny, it’s been an honor.” Real life saints.


– 3 –

Do you see this blanket?

2015-11-26 09.11.04

That’s a blanket that my aunt (and godmother) made for me when I was a baby. And now MY baby is snoozing and having his diapers changed on it. Sniff sniff.

– 4 –

And my grandma came to visit last weekend, and got to meet Tommy!

2015-11-28 21.00.54.jpg

I am so blessed–all four of my grandparents are still around to know their great-grandchildren. But Grandma Barb was the first of them to actually meet Tommy. We’re hoping to show him off a little more over Christmas, when we can travel to see everybody.


– 5 –

Aleteia is tearing it up since Elizabeth Scalia arrived as editor after her great stint at Patheos. This post is phenomenal.

This is precisely the Good News we are meant share with others when we evangelize: “I have encountered the gracious love of God and so can you! God’s love will change your life!” Yet so often we communicate the opposite message, saying something that’s more like: “Get your life straight! Then God will love you!”

Do you believe–REALLY believe–that God loves you? That nothing you can do–not the greatest accomplishment or the worst sin–could make him love you any more or any less? He loves you so, so much. He loves ME so, so much. I feel like I am only recently letting this sink in. It’s one thing to “know” it–it’s another to feel it, and to believe it.

– 6 –

Here’s a random one: I read that if you can sit down on the ground and get back up WITHOUT USING YOUR HANDS, you are half as likely to die in the next 10 years as people who can’t do that. (Although actually, according to that link I found, it’s slightly more complicated than that. Whatevs–these are QUICK TAKES. Back off, homes.)

I spend about 10% of my day just getting up and down, often with a baby in my arms, and sometimes with a still-nursing baby in my arms, so I just plain CAN’T use my hands a lot of the time. It’s a good reminder that my body is still pretty functional, even if it’s also much more jiggly and many pounds heavier than I would like.


 – 7 – 

I hope you read to the bottom, because you don’t want to miss this one. The “Advent at Ephasus” album by the Benedictines of Mary is currently available for free streaming (or download for offline playing, if you use the Amazon Music app!) if you are a member of Amazon Prime. This album is GORGEOUS. I basically had it on repeat all day today… except for the times when Alex insisted on listening to songs from Daniel Tiger. (Which was a lot.) (Those are also available free through Prime streaming music!)

Add it to your Advent listening. You won’t regret it.


And that’s a wrap. Thanks for stopping by! If you’re new here, feel free to check out my other posts from earlier this week:

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The King is Coming – a quick Advent overview that grew into a deeper reflection. I think you’ll like it.

Have a great weekend!


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