7 Quick Takes: In Which I Make Excuses

Here we are, a week later, and no blog posts between last Friday’s 7QT post and this one. Le sigh. My poor readers–not only are you left without reading material, but there are so few of you that you’re probably lonely, too.

(Jokety joke–I mean, there really ARE very few of you, but I’m not bitter about it or anything. ‘Tis what it is.)

Anyway, my lack of more substantive posting makes for an easy theme: Seven things I’ve been doing instead of blogging.

Linking up with Kelly, as usual!


 – 1 – 

Advent, and associated #Adventfails.

I’ve been able to keep up with making ornaments on schedule for our Jesse Tree (using FaithandFabric’s designs–SO CUTE!), but making one every day has definitely cut into my writing time. And increased Alex’s screen time. Whoops.

Advent 2015: Creating family traditions and memories, one episode of Daniel Tiger at a time. Good parenting at its finest.


 – 2 –

Christmas prep! This year, since I’m not working anymore and our household income is significantly lower, we’re doing a lot more handmade presents. Some “sharpie mugs,” and a decorated platter, and a whole set of paintings that Alex made, and which I will be adding hand-lettered quotes onto, and then framing.

It’s all turning out okay so far, I think, but boy–these projects take a lot of time. Oh, and I still have to make a bunch of fudge to include with some of these gifts. Because if you’re going to be the recipient of a bunch of homemade crap crafts, some of it should at least be edible and delicious.


– 3 –


It’s an essential, ongoing project for poor housekeepers like me. I hate cleaning, but hey–the less stuff there is, the less we have to clean!

So decluttering and minimalism are things I can get behind. Plus, decluttering makes me feel productive while delaying the cleaning I should actually be doing.

Just please don’t go in our bathroom. I’d be very extremely, super supremely, (yet somehow routinely)… mortified. So much yuck.

I’m hoping maybe to try this schedule in January? Maybe it’ll get me on a good cleaning routine. And that gives me the rest of December to clear out as much junk beforehand as I can.

– 4 –

House projects.

Our house is too big for us, which means too expensive, too hard to clean, and too much work (time and money) to maintain. So we’re trying to get it ready to put on the market in the (hopefully near) future. It’s time to find someplace more appropriate for this time in our lives. And that means… lots of work to get this place sellable.

Actually, my husband is the one doing the house projects (like replacing our fence, punching holes in the walls to fix the nonsensical electrical wiring in this 160-year-old fixer-upper, and painting basically everywhere), but that means I am “on duty” with the boys basically 24/7 so Matt can get things done.

It’s fine–I’d rather change diapers than deal with any of his projects myself–but again, not so conducive to blogging.


– 5 –

Carrying a crying toddler back inside.

Alex is on a nap strike, which means every afternoon he is overtired and emotional, and also wants to play outside FOREVER. But since Matt is fixing our fence, there is no contained space where I can let Alex play freely. I have to accompany him everywhere. And since there is also Tommy, who needs things like diaper changes and nursing sessions and whatnot, we do have to come inside from time to time.

Inevitably, I end up carrying a sobbing Alex awkwardly on my hip while Tommy is strapped to my chest in a wrap, often hauling some kind of bike/wagon/toy in my other hand, struggling to reach our front door–where the crying will continue but at least I can put him down temporarily without Alex bolting away from me.

I can take his pride, and I can also take his freedom. SO THERE. (In return, he takes MY pride, and turns my arm muscles into jelly. It is HARD to carry a squirmy toddler in one arm.)

– 6 –

Reading other things, which you should read, too!

Sarah at Nurshable is basically the mom I want to be. This post on sibling jealously? Almost too good to be true.

Leticia Adams is such a good voice in the Catholic blogosphere. She points out the truth about Planned Parenthood: “There is no prenatal care, no material support for expected mothers, no help finding jobs or going back to school, no help filling out food stamp applications, no help getting into drug rehab if needed, no help getting therapy…. none of that. Only birth control, STD testing and abortion. Don’t have babies, stop spreading disease and if you get pregnant then your baby is better off dead. That’s all they offer.”

56 Ways to be Merciful during the Year of Mercy, which Pope Francis kicked off on Tuesday!

The second season of the Serial podcast has begun. Have you listened to it? I haven’t yet, but the first one was soooooo fascinating that I’ll give the new season a chance, at least!

The people of Japan like to stand in line, apparently! The world is so weird. (Including us.)

– 7 –

Laughing at this hilarious video.

“I’m basically a human selfie stick.”

My favorite part is Nate’s facial tic. Watch closely, about 37 seconds in.


Have a lovely weekend, friends!



2 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes: In Which I Make Excuses

  1. faithandfabric

    Aww, I’m so glad you’re loving our Jesse Tree ornaments! Really looking forward to seeing how they turn out for you. We’re using our felt ones, but my little man has been coloring a set for himself, too. Best of everything as you sell your house!


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